Top 10 Reasons Why Postcards Make Great Mail

There are plenty of ways to send something through the mail.  There are envelopes, boxes, flats and yes, postcards.

So what’s so good about postcards?  They are:

  1. inexpensive to make
  2. Earth friendly  (no envelopes, boxes, packaging)
  3. easier to prepare because there’s no folding
  4. easy to design with simple formats
  5. sure way to show your message (no envelope to hide things)
  6. easier to prepare because there’s no stuffing
  7. cheapest way to mail First Class anywhere in the USA
  8. easier to prepare because there’s no licking
  9. converts into a billboard on a bulletin board or refrigerator
  10. fun; people like getting postcards
So how do you top that?  Check out our Postcard Magnets at .  They combine the impact of a postcard, and the staying value of a magnet, in one neat mailer.

About postcardmagnets the USPS Postcard Blog

We print and mail Postcard Magnets. That's a large, laminated postcard and a magnet attached. They're used in mailing campaigns to promote a message or website. They're useful for businesses, non-profits, government groups, alumni associations and for political advertising. Our website is at (please be sure to visit...) [Sorry, we're not an official USPS website -- better to check with them on any updated rates and rules...] View all posts by postcardmagnets the USPS Postcard Blog

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