What is the Size of a Postcard?

Postcard Size, Please…

If  you’d like the USPS First Class Postcard Rate for your postcard, you’ll need to keep the size of your card within the size range specified by the US Postal Service.

Use this template (please click it to see full size) to be within USPS regulations:

postcard size usps

USPS Postcard Template: the Min and the Max(Click Image for Full Size View)

Cards that are larger will be charged at Letter Rate or Large Envelope Rate.

If you’re going to use our Magnet Mailers , note that our items require the 2 oz letter rate (not the postcard rate).  This is because only postcards that are considered Machinable and Automated can earn the USPS First Class postcard rate.  The good news is that we can achieve big postage discounts by mailing in bulk.

Check out our magnet mailers at magnetbyMail.com .


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