Postcard Postage from US to Canada

To mail a standard postcard from the US to Canada, as of January 27, 2013 the rate is:

US$1.10 ea

Yes, that’s the same as mailing a regular 1 oz. letter to Canada.

For this rate, your card needs to be mailed from any U.S. address  (that is, any address with a Zip Code) to any Canadian address.

Source:  USPS

Tip: Use the abbreviation for the Canadian Province you’re sending to:

  • AB : Alberta
  • BC :  British Columbia
  • MB :  Manitoba
  • NB :  New Brunswick
  • NL :  Newfoundland and Labrador
  • NS :  Nova Scotia
  • NT :  Northwest Territories
  • NU :  Nunavut
  • ON :  Ontario
  • PE :  Prince Edward Island
  • QC :  Quebec
  • SK :  Saskatchewan
  • YT :  Yukon

Organizations promoting themselves with our Magnet Mailers need to be aware that our items need to be mailed at the 2 oz letter rate (not the postcard rate).  Why?  Because our postcard magnets are considered Machinable / non-Automated.  We can achieve big postage discounts by mailing in bulk for US addresses, although not for Canadian addresses.

Check out our magnet mailers at .


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